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XBD-WQ low noise submersible fire water pump

XBD-WQ submersible fire pump-Shanghai Beide Pumps …

XBD-WQ submersible fire pump-Shanghai Beide Pumps The XBD--WQ submersible fire pump in the WQ submersible pump on the basis of the introduction of the first fire technology, after I plant the joint efforts of scientific research personnel, and solicit the expert advice of domestic water pumps, and after several improved and developed, tested the performance index reached the advanced level of similar products abroad. Shanghai Kaiyuan Xbd Electric Water Fire Pump - Buy Water This new pump can run more efficiently, with less noise, longer life. XBD-W series are with 5 models of 40 specific types. Rating flow: 5-40L/s. High/Low Pressure. Application. Fire systems of high building (office, Hotel, hospital etc.), Mining Area and other Industrial Fields. Shanghai Kaiyuan provides submersible water pump, sewage Water Machine Xbd-gdl Stainless High Pressure Pump - Buy XBD-GDL Pipeline Split Casing Water Pumps . Flow range . 5~80L/S. Pressure range. 0.2~2.25Mpa. Motor power Range . 1.5~200KW

Xbd-q High Pressure Submersible Fire Fighting Pump - Buy

Xbd-q High Pressure Submersible Fire Fighting Pump - Buy Submersible fire pump unit for well is composed of four parts of water pump, motor, water pipe, water proof cable,in which water pump is single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump. 2. Because of water-filling structure inside, submersible motor is mainly used to motor-cooling and bearing-lubricating. China Horizontal Centrifugal Fire Fighting Pump (XBD Product Induction: XBD-W-type single-stage vertical suction-fire pumping systems for non-delivery of water and solid particles of similar physical and chemical properties of liquid water use, mainly for fire protection system pressurized water pipes, could also apply to industrial and Urban water supply and drainage, water pressure high-rise building, long-distance water, heating, bathrooms XBD-DL Multistage Fire Fighting Pump - Suzhou Ethonhuk XBD-DL Series Multi-stage Fire-fighting Pump is a new product independently developed by Sinoflo according to the market demands

Xbd Vertical Multistage Stage Fire-Fighting Centrifugal Pump

Xbd Vertical Multistage Stage Fire-Fighting Centrifugal Pump 1. ISW/ISG water pump is a high-effective energy-saving product designed by YONJOU. 2. Stable running, low noise, high concentricity of components. Bearings of low noise are used for the motor, the impellers are of best dynamic and static balance, no vibration at running and the environment thus being improved. 3. No leakage. China Electrical Power Xbd Cccf Certified Fire-Fighting XBD is applicable to transport temperature does not exceed 50 Centigrade water and is similar to the liquid water, water supply for fire water supply and other aspects. The scope of performance parameter XBD series a total of 170 specifications and its performance parameters range: 1. The rated flow from Q=5 to 80L/S 2. Pressure rating Mpa=0.35 fire pump,fire water pump, pump controller XBD-CDL type is a vertical pump widely used in fire fighting CopyRight 2016 All Right Reserved Guomei Pump website system Sitemap ADD: Baoan road, Qingpu district,

Fire pump, pump controller,Fighting pump

Fire pump, pump controller,Fighting pump XBD-XA end suction fire pump is a single stage, single suction back pull out design pump, all dimensions are designed according to DIN24255 standard, and the flange can be drilled according to GB4216-84(PN16) or ISO, BS and ANSI standard. The pump is widely used for fire fighing China vertical multi-stage fire-fighting pump factory and The series pump is designed with advanced know-how and made of quality materials and features high reliability (no seizure occur at starting after a long time of unuse), high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, long duration of running, flexible ways of installa tion and convenient overhaul. Discharge Connection and Guide System US SUBMERSIBLE PUMP INSTALLATION. The Flygt submersible pump is easy to install and remove for service. Just lower it onto the discharge connection, and it hooks up automatically. When you need to lift it, it disengages automatically. Twin guide bars make sure that the pump is in co